montsantCovering 12 villages, Montsant was previously known as the Falset sub-zone of DO Tarragona, and was created as a separate DO in the early 2000s. Regional approval came in 2001, and from 2002 wines were sold as Montsant rather than Tarragona. Montsant takes its name from the Montsant mountains in the area.

There are currently about 1,900ha of Montsant vineyards. Under the auspices of the DO Montsant, the region has seen rapid growth, starting with 28 official cellars in 2002 which grew to number 57 currently. Approximately 94% of the production is of red wine with 62% exportation outside of Spain, 28% consumed in Catalonia, and 10% sold to the rest of Spain.

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