Costers del Segre

costers-del-segreCosters del Segre is for wines located in the province of Lleida and is divided into several separate sub-zones. The four original sub-zones created in 1988 are Artesa, to the northeast of Lleida, Valls de Riucorb to the east, Garrigues, and Raïmat. The last of which was the winery largely responsible for the creation of this DO. In 1998 two other sub-zones were added: Pallars Jussà, next to the town of Tremp, 90 km north of Lleida and Segrià to the west and surrounded by the Raïmat sub-zone.

The climate is very continental and influenced by the proximity of the Pyrenees, though rainfall is sparse. Even though the vineyards are dispersed geographically, most are on dark lime bearing soils, with a high lime content, low clay content and poor in organic matter. Elevation varies from 250m and 700m above sea level.

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