Conca de Barberà

conca-de-barberaThe Conca de Barberà area was the first in Catalonia to form agricultural cooperatives based on grape growing and wine production. In 1903 the first cooperative winery in Spain was built in the town of Barberà. Conca de Barberà attained official DO status in 1985.

Most of the vineyards are located around the historic town of Montblanc, and the DO covers a total of 14 villages in the north of the province of Tarragona. The land is mainly flat or slightly undulating at heights of between 350 and 600 m above sea level. Most of the vines are on dark lime bearing soils, quite loose and poor in organic matter. Towards the foothills of the Sierra de Prades slate can be found in the rock.

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